What if I cannot control user-generated content?

Imagine you have done a great job in designing your website. Now, it’s time for the users to add the content. But those users can be anyone, even outside of your organization, so you simply cannot be everywhere.

This point was a great problem with WCAG 1 conformance claims, so the WCAG 2 provides two options:

  1. If you monitor and repair the external-content errors on your webpages within 2 business days, you can use the normal claim of conformance.
  2. You can claim for a statement of partial conformance to that pages where, if certain parts were removed, they would conform. You can only use this partial conformance if that content is not under your control. The way to do it is adding the following text to the claim:
    • “This page does not conform, but would conform to WCAG 2.0 at level X if the following parts from uncontrolled sources were removed.”
    • A list with the description of that parts that users can identify

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