Webpages conformance levels

So, once you have tested the success criteria, you can state the conformance of your webpage into 3 levels:

  • Level Single-A (A): your webpage satisfies all the Single-A (A) success criteria.
  • Level Double-A (AA): your webpage satisfies all the Single-A (A) and Double-A (AA) success criteria.
  • Level Triple-A (AAA): your webpage satisfies all the Single-A (A), Double-A (AA) and Triple-A (AAA) success criteria.

Can you remember a webpage is a whole? So if your un-accessible webpages has an alternate accessible version that fulfills the criteria, then you can say that your webpage has achieved a level.

The WAI also suggests:

  • Although you get a conformance level (e.g. “A”), keep working on making a more accessible website and publishing any improvement you make (e.g. “We are level A, but we have also passes these level Double-A criteria…”
  • Level Triple-A is pretty hard to get and maintain, so be careful to state that a entire website gets it, especially with some contents (e.g. a place where everyone uploads videos, but nobody keeps an eye on their subtitles).

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