How can I determine if a web technology is ‘accessibility supported’?

Let’s assume that nobody knows which technologies are and aren’t accessibility supported. Now what? Well, the WAI has tried to bring a definition, not very clear, but a definition after all:

a Web content technology is “accessibility supported” when users’ assistive technologies will work with the Web technologies AND when the accessibility features of mainstream technologies will work with the technology.

So if you want to decide by yourself if a web content technology is accessibility supported, you must check that:

  • The Web content technology is supported by users agents, including assistive technology, in the same human language.
  • Users can get accessibility-supported user agents to support that content. This can be achieved by one of these:
    • it’is supported natively in widely-distributed user agents or by a widely-distributed plug-in that are also accessibility supported (such as HTML and CSS);
    • You can control which user agents do your users use to access to your content, eg, an intranet. Obviously, the user agent required and used is also accessibility supported;
    • You can download or buy the user agent in an easy way. This process will not discriminate against people with or without disabilities.

In the next post I will introduce the importance of the use of technologies because depending on the way we use them, they become accessibility supported or not. Weird, isn’t it?

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