Principle 3. Understandable

Guideline 3.1: Easy to read, please

Make text content readable and understandable

Content should be read not only by assistive technology, but also by users, who can experience or can’t experience it in many different ways: visual, auditory, both visual and auditory. Complex texts and content can be difficult to be read, both for the assistive technology, but also by users. So this guideline is intented to editors, to prepare the text in a so everybody can understand it.

Guideline 3.2: Be careful with re-invent the navigation standards

Make Web pages appear and operate in predictable ways.

If a page is continuously refreshing, changing contents and context, opening new windows without user control, may confuse users with and without dissabilities. Being consistent and coherent with the layouts and will allow everybody access the information.

Best Practices

  • Use and place (well) labels to maximize predictability of relationships

Guideline 3.3: Errare humanum est

Help users avoid and correct mistakes.

As we are going to make mistakes, web pages must prevent them and help us to recover from those errors.

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