Evaluation tools

Tools can reduce the time and effort required to carry out evaluations, as they can automate tests or assist reviewers in the manual evaluation. However, we have some bad news:

  • The WCAG 2 does not provide an official tool to check the websites.
  • There is not any fully automatable, stand-alone evaluation tool, even non-official, which can perform the whole audit.
  • The W3C does not promote nor endorse any tool.
  • Tools’ results may be false or misleading, so an expert review has to embrace or dismiss them.

Although the W3C has collected a wide set of tools, they are pretty outdated. Here is our selection of evalution tools:

General Automatic Validations
Total Validator
Code validation
Mark up
Cascade Style Sheets
Mobile Friendlyness
Luminance contrast
Find combinations of colors
Color Blind Simulation
PEAT – Photosensitive Epilepsy Analysis Tool
Audio contrast
Asssisting in the manual evaluation
PISTA (in Spanish): Install the program and then add the WCAG 2 module.
Accessibility Toolbar by Paciello Group
Link checker

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